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Our Logos

As well as embroidering your choice of name or text, your gift items can also be personalised with one of our logo designs. There is a choice for everyone; from the sports fan to the romantic, or something for the kids. Take a look through the selection and if something meets your fancy just pop us a message to let us know. The logos are suitable for almost every item. These pictures and images are unique to us; designed by our own creative team.

Please note; the colours of logos can be altered - but not the designs. We are also unable to embroider your own designs.
Sport Logos:
DancingHip HopGymnasticsBalletCyclist ACyclist BFootballBaseballBasketballTenisBoxingRugby PlayerrunnerSwimmerHorse Riding
Children's Logos:
Ballerina AliceBallerina BellaBallerina LucyFairy without cupcakesTwo GirlsElephantBlue PramPink PramOwl PowlLionDolphinUnicornDummyMermaidSpace Invaders
Wedding Logos:
Curly HeartDevil HeartHeartLinked HeartsRoseWedding RingsDovesTwo Birds  Swirl
Cooking Logos:
Cooking MonsterChef Owl PowlinaChocolateCupcake CandleCupcake CherryFairy with cupcakes
Other Logos:
AnchorStagCrossPawStarCrownSmiley FacePeaceRound PeaceYing Yang
 Christmas Logos:
Cupcake SnowflakeChristmas OwlReindeer
Animal Alphabet:
A-AligatorB-BirdC-CammelD-DuckE-ElephantF- FlamingoG-GiraffeH-HippoI-IguanaJ-JaguarK-KoalaL-LionM-MonkeyN-NewtO-OctopusP-PenguinQ-QuebecR-RabbitS-SealT-TurtleU-UnicornV-ViperW-WhaleX-Xray fishY-YakZ-Zebra
Star Signs: